Here you will find an almost interesting database somewhat full of movies for your downloading pleasure, but not really. It's an experimental online project designed with the idea of a video store/pizza delivery combination in mind.

This section describes the technologies used to create and access this database, including anything I might have found interesting while I was working on it. Of course, my interests have been known to put people to sleep before; be forewarned!

Here you can send me your suggestions, requests, ideas, criticisms, complaints, or just generally beak me off if you like. I might listen...

If you have an account, login here to avoid the need of entering your name & email address everytime you send a request. If you don't have an account, you can create one here.

Yes, this is where you'll see the fabulous movie collection where, in a perfect world, you could click away and have movies delivered to your door with a delicious Franco's pizza and a nice ice-cold Brisk Iced Tea six-pack if this were anything more than an exercise in demonstrating how little I actually know! *sigh*